Holistic herbalism for a happier, healthier you.

Add an experienced herbalist to your health care team and start living better today.

Say hello to your new herbalist

Ramona “Mo” Tortorilla

Mo opened her practice in 2008 to provide her clients with holistic, integrative care that they can implement right away to restore balance and regain health. Her practice blends multiple healing traditions and emphasizes caring for the whole person. Mo is an ardent supporter of low-cost community herbalism for underserved populations. She co-founded Nebraska’s only Herbalist Without Borders chapter and donation-based clinic,

Wild Roots People’s Clinic.

Mo Horner - Natural Healing Omaha

A diverse approach to alternative care

Natural Healing Omaha draws from the wisdom of multiple global healing disciplines.

How holistic care works when you meet with Mo

1. Get an Assessment

Meet with Mo to identify your herbal needs. Co-design your personalized herbal and lifestyle plan.

2. Choose the Right Follow-Up Plan

Get the ongoing support you need. Pick a flexible follow-up plan that fits your budget and health needs.

3. Work Your Plan

Take control of your health. Follow your recommendations, and Mo will be there to support you.

Why Natural Healing Omaha?

Share the Health

Give back and support accessible alternative care! Seven cents of every dollar go to Omaha’s only low-cost, community herbal clinic cofounded by Mo. Learn more.

Start Living Better Today

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Why wait to start your journey? Co-design your personalized health and lifestyle plan during your very first appointment, so you can start on your path to a healthier, happier you. Start today.

Rely on Rooted, Holistic Practice

With Natural Healing Omaha, you can trust your health is in good hands. As one of the country’s most experienced herbalists, Mo focuses on understanding the whole person and offering integrative solutions. Learn more.

Natural Healing Omaha