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100 Days to 50…


100 days of breath awareness

If you’re trying to email, text, call, stop by my house, or otherwise get hold of me for the next 100 days around 8:30 in the evening, sorry, but I’ll be sitting on a pillow, wrapped in a scarf, with my cat, Toulouse, curled up on my lap, eyes closed and just….breathing. One hundred days from today, I’m celebrating my half-century mark. When I was 25, turning 50 was an age where everything important in my life was already over and the awful slide into old age started.

At 40, I was bald from chemotherapy and couldn’t think beyond the next week, let alone 10 years ahead. So, this big birthday is coming around, and the idea of taking a cruise or throwing myself a party might celebrate the struggle to get here, but I want something to be proud of when I get to 75. I want to remember 50 as the start of the best part of my life. So, inspired by a close friend, I’m committing to 100 consecutive days of meditation.

I admit right now, this feels impossible to do. I’m the squirmy type, the kind of person who’s checking email during a phone call. Doing one thing at a time just isn’t my style. Paying attention to my breath…boring.

I’ve tried this before and quit when the going got tough. My lame excuses ranged from “I have a cough” to “It’s too cold in here”, and let’s not forget the overused “I’m too tired”. Not this time. This time is for REAL. I’m putting down my evening snackfest and picking up a new habit. My meditation coach, friend Sarah, is promising to keep me accountable and provide support. So, FIFTY – here I come.

P.S. Got any helpful suggestions? Wanna join me (virtually, I mean)? Email me to share your struggles or ideas. Or leave a comment on my blog.



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