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Classes Designed With Women’s Health in Mind

Classes Designed With Women’s Health in Mind

Are your diet, relationships, body, mind, sexuality and creativity fighting each other for control? Finding balance on your own is challenging. Some help would be nice…

Women’s Health Series – 6 Steps to Whole Health offers personal, practical and professional training for the whole you. All the best ideas for holistic health and wellness. Join us…

Workshops begin Monday, February 3 through March 10. 6 weeks. 6 professional women instructors. Priceless insight.

Bring a friend, sister, or Mom, and make this a special girl’s nite out.

Here’s what participants from the Fall 2013 classes had to say:

“Completely blown away and eager to study in the weeks ahead.”

“Smart, strong women with good, loving energy. I learned much from the participants, as well as the presenters.”

I was so impressed and appreciative of the women you chose to lead these classes! Powerhouses of mind, experience, heart.”

Left feeling great energy, connected and fulfilled.”

I will miss having this on Monday evening; just having a room of women to be with knowing they aren’t judging you; being totally yourself is so freeing. Learning on top of all of that is even better.”


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Comments (20)

  1. I would love to participate in this 6 week series, unfortunately I’m in the midst of trying to pay off some debt. I think this series would be very beneficial beside the knowledge and insight there is the importance of a strong community of women. I would love it if my name was chosen for free tuition.

  2. Pretty sure I’m going to win this because I am lucky! I have more than enough to be grateful for though, so, if someone needs it more I suppose they’ll win it. Either way I’m convinced Mo has helped me on my path to being fully healed & will continue to do so. Good luck everyone!

  3. Why I should be picked for the free tuition? A) I am semi-utterly adorable, sort of funny, reasonably intelligent… B) I am mouthy and I will sell you up to everyone I know (I do know a lot of people. Folks you don’t know, so that would give you access to tons of new potential clients, most of my friends earn money so they can pay too vs…me). C) I am a good student, I participate, have a good attitude and want to learn. D) You want to pick me. (You may want to pick us all, but you really want me there.) You’d like to get a hold of my tongue and fix my wind issues. E) All of the above.

  4. Oh, what a great opportunity! I’ve just been learning about herbal ways to take care of my body & my family, including my uterus and the classes look fantastic and I know I’d learn so much! I have the girls, and if live to pass on knowledge like this to them and maybe even my son’s future wife. With a family of six, it’s just not in our budget for me to attend this time.
    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  5. I have been on a quest for growth both inside and outside since last summer. I have been working with Mo Horner, through the use of Chinese medicine and herbs in order to achieve the best Alma I can be. I wanted to attend this series last year but unfortunately, was unable to pay the tuition. Since the series covers various topics from local, smart, bright, intelligent, and amazing women, I am so interested in learning these different topics. My quest for growth encompasses different aspects of my life as well which include: spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial. This series has topics which I desire to learn more of. It seems so in tune with what I am trying to learn in order to further my growth.
    It would be an honor to attend and an even more so humbling experience to be able to attend on scholarship. We are a single income family household and any little bit helps. Thank you Mo, for putting this together again and for the opportunity to be blessed and surrounded by amazing women. We do ROAR!! 😉

  6. I had the great pleasure of attending the 1st Women’s University Series. Sharing here with you from one woman to another I would be very happy at this time to PAY IT FORWARD to a woman that would like to come and learn with other well experienced women with the intentions of sharing their experience, strength and hope. These are the experiences I gained from attending the 1st series. The teachers and facilitators during this time will always share from their hearts with love and knowledge they have gained in their business and personal lives. A very safe place to learn to share what women need in their lives to grow with positive personal growth. Celebrating each other is really the feeling you will come away with some new solutions at hand. They will be there in the future for you!!

  7. If I don’t try then I will be left wondering with … What if I would have…. I am creating a new chapter and this will go along with what I have already written in the past week!

  8. I’d love to be chosen for the free tuition. I am a work in progress (as we all are). My daughter has had many issues with her health her whole life (still teying to find it out 21 months later). I am struggling with a hormone imbalance which leaves me tired most of the time on top of dealing with her. I look back at all we’ve been they with my daughter and people just look at me like wow how stressful. It IS stressful, it’s taken a toll on our marriage and relationships with family. People think we are being over the top and are craZy. All I want is a little peace of mind knowing I’m doing the best I can to be better for my kids. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity. Any piece of knowledge I can gain may be able to help someone else!

  9. I always follow Mo’s instruction to facilitate the best results possible. This would be an additional way to enhance results with new knowledge. Plus, I’d be commuting from Lincoln and waived tuition would offset drive time and fuel. =) With fingers crossed…and hoping for good weather…

  10. Of course I would love to attend these classes! And I have feeling you may randomly pick me since my schedule has recently opened up on Monday nights! 🙂

  11. First of all – thank you for offering a chance at free tuition! One lucky person is in for a gift they can share & pay forward through their own continued health or sharing it directly with others. I would be honored for the opportunity to continue my studies of women’s health with the amazing group of women offering this series. I am currently transitioning into working with women’s health teaching prenatal yoga and studying to be a child birth educator and doula. I am very excited about my path. I would love to attend this workshop but my bathroom floor was leaking and now I am faced with trying to figure out how I will pay for the steadily growing contractor bill. I have surrendered to the universe and have faith my path will continue to unfold even in the face of a what appears to be an obstacle. If this opportunity is part of my path the means to attend will come. Much love & support to everyone teaching the series- you’re doing great work!

  12. This class sounds amazing.. and sounds like what I need! Taking time for me is something I have long forgotten about and need to refocus on a little bit. A mom of five, four still at home, a farm to run and more.. its time to relearn some balance in my life. I would share what I learn with others… a scholarship would be tremendously beneficial for me. That being said… whoever receives it will be so blessed.. thanks for doing this!

  13. I am in a transition period of life. I was, as many women are, conditioned to take care of everyone but myself. Although I know quite a bit about both traditional & alternative healing modalities, I don’t seem to know enough about myself & I am facing health challenges which I believe can be overcome naturally. I would be delighted & grateful to be selected to receive the knowledge these classes have to offer. I know the person who is selected will be the best person to absorb this knowledge & pay it forward in the best manner possible. Thank you very much for considering my request.

  14. Oh hey! I think this class would make my brain super wrinkly with many bits of new knowledge. I’m not convinced that I deserve this scholarship more than any of the other commenters but I sure would dig it. I’d dig it good. 🙂

  15. I love the idea of more community like the one you are building, Mo. As a tired mama of three, these courses sound like a spa for the mind & soul! Thanks for sharing, Mo, and making such positive change in Omaha…

    • Pam, you’re the winner of FREE tuition to Women’s University starting February 3rd!!! Thank you and thanks everyone for entering the contest! I hope you’ll all still consider joining us next week for this fun class series.

  16. I would love to win and attend! I am a learner by nature and this class is exactly what I need to nurture my soul through the rest of winter. I’m looking forward to starting a family at some point this year and knowing how to find balance before my life gets potentially hectic will be invaluable in my relationships and in preparing for motherhood.

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