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Day 2 – Are we there yet?

I’m like a kid in the backseat of my parent’s station wagon. Fifteen minutes into my 30-minute meditation and there goes my head, wandering, and wondering ‘how’s that Ryan and Biden thing going?’, ‘I need a drink of water’, ‘my leg’s falling asleep’….

Sarah warned me about this, my coach said ‘let yourself squirm, and re-adjust…let the day’s worries and random thoughts come up and then let ’em go’. I can find out tomorrow who ‘won’ the debate and how the football games ended up (just kidding, not a fan). I’ll scratch my itchy nose and straighten my legs and just keep sitting. And breathing.

I guess it’s sort of like herbal healing. I’m always saying to my clients “healing with herbs requires patience, but the effects are profound – hang in there”.

So I will. 98 more days. Stay with me….



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