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How to Repair Vata Imbalance!

How to Repair Vata Imbalance!

In my last blog, we talked about Rebecca’s Vata Imbalance and how to understand your own specific Dosha blend.  (If you missed that post, you can find it here. You can also use this quiz to find out what your dosha balance is.) Today we’re going to talk about How to Repair Vata Imbalance.

Listen up! Because I’m going to lay out the specific tips that I gave Rebecca that you can use yourself to repair  Vata Imbalance.

How to repair your Vata Balance

Rebecca was ready to try almost anything. The key to helping repair Vata balance for her was getting her to stick to it consistently.

Here is what I laid out for her. 

When Rebecca takes on too many responsibilities at work, skips meals, drinks too much caffeine, habitually stays up late, and sets aside nourishing practices like yoga and mini-vacations, her healthy Vata qualities are replaced by these:

  • Underweight, unhealthy BMI (click here to calculate yours)
  • Dry, scaly skin, even itchy and flaky 
  • Always cold, shivering and can’t warm up
  • Wired but tired insomnia, circular thoughts preventing sleep
  • Forgetfulness and poor short-term recall
  • Dry stools, constipation or changeable bowels
  • Brittle bones from inadequate nutrition
  • Physically anxious, jittery, and on edge
  • Allergy symptoms that are itchy, watery, scratchy, or irritated

Vata imbalances like insomnia, anxiety, allergies, and irritable bowel issues, are very common problems in today’s tech-driven, never-shut-down culture. 

Over-the-counter allergy product sales topped almost $7 Billion in 2016. There’s plenty of proof that we’re at epidemic levels of these issues.

Because the home of Vata is in the large intestine, Rebecca is prone to digestive disorders. One of the chief ways her imbalance shows up is unpredictable and sometimes painful bowel issues.

To repair Vata balance and bring this imbalance back in order is especially hard for her body type because her nature is to be fickle. As soon as she starts eating 3 meals a day or getting to bed by 11:00, she’s enticed by an exciting social event or drawn into a family argument. Then she’s back to her helter skelter lifestyle and doubled over in pain. Relationships are especially hard, and as one good friend admitted to Rebecca, “I never know what side of you I’m gonna get.”

The Ayurvedic way to reduce dry, ungrounded, hectic Vata habits is to introduce opposite, Kapha, earthy qualities. Sweet, sour and salty flavors increase Kapha, which help a thin, dry person hold adequate moisture, return to a healthy weight and sleep more deeply.

Fall is a peak time for Vata problems to rise up. Windy weather and dry conditions stir up conditions that create an unsettled body and mind.

Habits like these could promote Rebecca’s solid, steady Kapha qualities:

  • Establish a regular bedtime that allows for 8 consecutive hours of sleep, electronic-free
  • Eat 3 meals a day around the same time each day
  • Swap caffeinated coffee for green teas that contain less caffeine. Then, make the switch to hot herbal teas with warm spices and calming herbs – chamomile, cinnamon, tulsi, ginger, lemon balm, skullcap, kava, passionflower, and linden.
  • Schedule regular down time. A 10-minute meditation in the morning or before bed helps to trigger the neurotransmitters that down-regulate anxiety. Science says so!
  • Turn off phone ringers and social media notifications, setting some discipline around answering emails, and respond less often to needy friends, family and co-workers.

My advice to Rebecca to help repair Vata balance- and my advice to YOU: choose one simple practice and stick to it for 30 days. Watch how your allergies, insomnia, tummy problems and anxiety take a much-needed vacation.

Mo Horner, Registered Herbalist

Mo Horner is a professionally trained Registered Herbalist, specializing in botanical support for women and families. From hormones problems to emotional ups and downs, you’ll feel better about plant healing. Mo co-founded a donation-based community clinic associated with Herbalists Without Borders.  She has two Omaha-area practices where she serves her clients in person or online, for those outside the area. Consultations are available by appointment.

Email Mo at or call 402-933-6444. You can read more about her story HERE. 

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  1. I got 100%! Vata all the way. But, I already knew that! Good tips on balancing Vata. I’ve tried those things and they really work! ( If you do them!) I think I’ll print that list to keep my mind in the right place. Thanks, Mo!

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