Inside an Herbalist’s Office – Dropping the Mask

Something special happens in the first few minutes after I close my office door to talk privately with a client. Something very personal and comfortable is exchanged in those quiet conversations. It’s the simplest thing and it doesn’t require a special degree or license or training.

It’s the simple act of listening. I’m pretty sure this is what’s at the heart of my herbal practice and the reason people feel comfortable telling me their stories of hurt and struggle and hope.

It’s ok to slow down, relax and take your time telling the story that led you to an herbalist. Your personal story has everything to do with the healing you need. Being allowed to tell your story without judgement, and be deeply listened to, is a necessary part of the healing process.

It’s not just the act of telling or listening that heals.

Understanding body aches and emotional pain within the context of what’s going on in your life helps me make better herbal choices for you.

So, step into my office and take a deep breath. I’ll keep your confidences, and hold space for your pain, and after a while, you’ll have a new story to tell.


Natural Healing Omaha