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Natural Healing: It’s Not a Pill, It’s a Practice

Persistent, daily practice is the real key to change

Persistent, daily practice is the real key to change

Almost two months ago, I started taking a rich, syrupy, herbal concoction made from whole roots, barks, leaves, berries and various other plant parts known to enrich, soothe and strengthen the nervous system and combat fatigue. One tablespoon every morning and evening in a cup of tea. It keeps in the fridge and has the feel and taste of an earthy, creamy dark blend of coffee, only thicker and without the kick.

About a month ago, I spiced that up with a daily dose of meditation, determined to sit 30 minutes every day for 100 days until my birthday.

Altogether, they compete for 31 minutes of time I probably would have spent in a technology haze. The quiet time is kinda nice, and my family seems almost protective of it, apologizing for calling half way through or honoring my practice by not objecting to the time it takes out of our evenings together.

What am I getting out of all this sitting and sipping? Honestly, I’m not completely sure yet.

Well, there IS that one thing….my blood pressure is consistently down by 30 points. Oh, didn’t I tell you? Stress is a major component in high blood pressure for many people. This was a stressful summer and probably the reason I didn’t notice it creeping up on me. Then I got quiet, sat still and sure enough, I could feel that pounding sensation in my chest. There were other signs I ignored, but meditation made me mindful again, and has gradually brought my BP down to a healthy range.

I’m still not sure what I’m getting out of these practices. But something is happening in my closet. I mean, suddenly, I’m re-discovering clothes that had shifted to a dark corner, because they hadn’t fit for a few seasons. It took me a while to figure this one out, but its gotta be that my evening snack ritual has been interrupted by a time-out.

Oh, and my tummy feels better than it has in a while. Everything around my belly button is working like it’s supposed to. I hadn’t noticed it was a problem, until it wasn’t. Funny how that works.

I guess it’s like a friend said the other day about natural healing: it’s not a pill, it’s a practice. I must have needed some healthy, daily practices that remind me to nourish myself. A cup of tea, half an hour of nothing but pure, simple breathing, and a subtle shift of energy starts.

Check out the Nebraska Zen Center, where I spent three hours this weekend learning about Zen meditation practices. My meditation coach, Sarah, encouraged me to explore techniques to enrich my practice. I’m happy to share my experience – contact or email me at




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