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Kitchen Favorite Doubles as Natural Healing Sleep Remedy

sesame oil ayurveda dry skin care

Simple sesame oil can soothe your dry skin…and more.

Since I was kid, I’ve been fighting sleep. When everyone else was snoring in their beds on Saturday morning, the 12-year old Mo was awake, buzzing around, making homemade cinnamon rolls from a box of Bisquick baking mix. I’d be drizzling the drippy icing over  fresh-from-the-oven steamy rolls long before anyone in my family woke up.

It’s been a source of frustration and a blessing to be an early riser, but it didn’t bother me nearly so much then as it does now. I mean, waking at 3:30 am some mornings and not falling back to sleep, or always getting up before my alarm is downright annoying.

So last night, I trotted out an Ayurvedic solution I’d forgotten about, and wouldn’t you know, I slept like a log. All I really wanted was something to soothe my dry winter skin, so I took a long bath and then slathered on sesame oil…all over. Voila! Finally, 8 straight hours of sleep. I slept so hard my neck has a crick in it – you know that feeling?

What is it about oil on dry skin that calms the mind? The Ayurvedics know this particular healing method well. It’s a big component of what’s known as panchakarma therapy. But you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars at an ashram or Ayurvedic clinic to get the benefits of a simple sesame oil rubdown. Just open your cupboard and pour it on.

What are YOUR home remedies? I’ll post your comments on favorite tried-and-true healing therapies over the next few weeks.





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  1. I use lavender oil on the back of my neck after a long day at the computer. 🙂 It really helps my stiff neck and the aroma helps me relax.

  2. Do you put the oil on before the bath or after? I know that seems odd to ask, but for some reason I thought someone told me you put the oil on before the bath. Thx

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