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Welcome to the homepage of Maybe you are curious about natural healing.  Perhaps you have experience using herbal remedies for you and your family’s health and healing.  Regardless of your experiences, you will find this web site a valuable resource in your search for natural herbal alternatives. 

Herbal Medicine Mortar and Pestal

Herbal medicine has been a remedy for all cultures for centuries.

My name is Mo Horner and I am a Clinical Herbalist. I work with clients to help them integrate a holistic, natural approach for their health and well being. On these pages you will learn how working with a knowledgeable, professional Herbalist can compliment what you are already doing well to create a healthier, happier life. You will discover how medicinal herbs, diet changes and lifestyle modifications are combined to create a personal, customized healing plan for you.

If chronic health problems have led you to search for safer, more effective methods of healing, a visit to this website will answer many of the questions you have about how working with a professional Herbalist can bring relief from ongoing emotional and physical suffering.

Discover as you browse what to expect on your first visit, how long the healing process can take, and answers to your questions about the safety and effectiveness of herbal medicine for your own condition(s).

Quick Stop Health Assessment
quick-stop-healthFrom the flu to fatigue, congestion to cuts, let me help you back to health naturally through my Quick Stop Assessment program. Consider it herbal triage. I formed this program for a number of reasons. For some, herbal medicine is unknown territory and the Quick Stop Assessment is a way of introducing those to herbal healing. For others, time can be an issue and the 15-minute assessment is ideal for those crunched by time. And for others still, Quick Stop is a pitshop for an herbal body tune-up or to handle a pressing health concern. For questions or to schedule a Quick Stop Health Assessment with Mo call 402-933-6444. Just $20, plus the cost of herbs.


By definition, holistic health takes into account our physical body, emotions and spiritual nature ‘as a whole’. As the body begins to heal, so the mind and spirit become well. Patients who experience the benefits of healing herbs chosen specifically for them report their satisfaction with life in general improves and they begin to feel a sense of hopefulness about their relationships, work and how good it’s possible to feel.

It is common for newcomers to herbal medicine to feel some hesitation. Though the use of complimentary and alternative healing is gaining strength and credence among today’s savvy health care consumers, there is still a good deal of misinformation about herbs and supplements available online and elsewhere. It makes good sense to have a trusted professional to guide you toward a personal plan that has your unique challenges and goals in mind.

A good place to begin your search on is the FAQ page. Click here to start your search for what plant medicine and herbal healing can do for you.


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