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Shocking News: Aromatic Herb Comes Out Of The Closet

This sensuous herb pops up in everything from shampoo to perfume to your Aunt Edna’s closet sachet. But did you know it also tastes delicious? In fact, it’s a reliable herb for sweetening up all kinds of things, including people.

Last weekend, at a girlfriend’s birthday party, I stood by the wine table and offered everyone a couple drops of a syrupy Lavender glycerite on the tongue. A few scrunched up their faces with skepticism but some opened their mouths like a baby bird hungry for a worm. No one expected the minty, cool flavor, which won over the skeptics immediately.

What’s so special about Lavender? There’s more to this plant than meets the eye…or nose, or tongue. Lavender has a chemical constituent called linalool, just one of over 160, that’s been studied extensively for its effects in treating depression and anxiety disorders.

When you add it to hot tea, or a bath, or put a little Lavender essential oil on your pillow, your brain tells your body to let go a little, the cobwebs clear out of your head and you feel relaxed and fresh.

The Eclectic physicians of the past used Lavender as a sort of ‘smelling salt’ for debilitated, weak patients. It proved its worth as a remedy to relieve headaches, revive those with a tendency to faint, and calm agitated children.

Does it sound like lavender is an herb for you? Sweeten up your life by enjoying it in an herbal tea, like Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea from Yogi teas. Or experiment with lavender essential oil on the temples for a mild headache. Just think ‘mental vacation’ for a few moments, and let your mind unwind….



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