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What Mother’s Want: A Mother’s Day Poll

It’s hard to imagine anyone but a mother could have picked May as the month to celebrate and treasure the most precious gift any child can have: their very own mother.  In the land of weather extremes – also known as Nebraska – May may be the most pleasant month of them all.  Not only do we finally get to shed our winter wear, but we’re blessed with a symphony of colors to accompany the occasion.  Purples and blues join yellows and pinks to stand above the lushness of green either as a reward or a reminder of our journey and the blessedness of it all. It’s only fitting these days of kind temps and calming colors come together for the celebration of motherhood.  Evidently, Mother Nature knew what makes moms happy. Do you? Take this month’s herbal poll and find out! Check for the answer in Mo’s Mother’s Day blog post on Friday.



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