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White Peony – Women’s Gentle Pain Relief

White Peony – Women’s Gentle Pain Relief

Have you ever had menstrual cramps so harsh that it feels like your uterus is staging an insurgency?

You KNOW this isn’t normal, right?

If you take this problem to your gynecologist, you’ll end up on hormones (or in a surgery suite) faster than you can say Bob’s your Uncle. But not every woman wants to fast forward to pharmaceuticals. And some of us don’t even have that choice.

In my experience, around 50% of the women who seek alternative health care do it because they’re looking for answers to hormone-related concerns.

The Power of One…Herb
I’ve had my share of those. I used to think period pain was my personal price to pay for not tolerating the Pill.

Until one day at the clinic – one of those insanely busy days, where everyone needs their herbal formulas yesterday.

Amid the chaos at work, it felt like a rebellion was being staged in my reproductive organs. It was way beyond nuisance. My favorite go-to remedies – a heating pad, sleep, a hot cup of tea – were out of the question. These cramps were uncontrollable.

That’s the day I learned the power of a single herb. White peony root. Bai shao, the Chinese call it. Sweet relief.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
I knew white peony root was usually paired up with herbs for women’s cyclical headaches and cramps. That’s how we use it in the clinic because that’s how the Chinese discovered it works best – in a balanced blend of complimentary medicinal herbs.

But that day, I was highly motivated to find pain relief. So, I detoured through the bulk herb room for a nibble. After 10 minutes of old-school chewing through a raw, chalky-tasting, slice of dried root, my cramps disappeared. Completely. And they never came back that month.

Herbalists call this a proving. It’s an informal, time-tested way to research the medicinal properties in an herb. Apply it to the skin. Bathe in a tea made from it. Drink it. Eat it.

After proving to myself how powerful the delicate peony plant really is, it’s become one of my favorite herbs for women.

Softens and Soothes Liver Congestion
I love it because it tends to calm things down. Rina Nissim, a European herbalist, described the clues she looks for that signal a white peony situation: ‘hyperexcitability in an anxious type of person who is bothered by palpitations.’ Yeah, I’ve had days years like that.

The Chinese have known for centuries that Peony root reduces abdominal pain and relieves muscle spasms. They say it does this by ‘softening the Liver’, which easily gets congested with waste material and toxic emotions – like anger and resentment.

When the Liver begins to let go, we literally unclench. Emotions flow, blood flows, Qi flows and spasms quiet down.

The nervous system may play an important part in this release, and the smidge of magnesium in the root probably does, too.

Strong Blood Means Healthy Hormone Function
Peony is a popular blood tonic herb, among others like Dang Gui, Ligusticum and Rehmannia. Tonic is another way of saying that it provides nutrition for blood. Since blood is such a vital player in the smooth functioning of hormones in women, keeping it robust with tonic herbs can be a big factor in hormone health.

We’ve also discovered through research that peony has anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties. Lately, inflammation is being linked to everything from high cholesterol to cancer. Perhaps the Chinese understood the link long before we had studies to show it.

For most of us, peonies are colorful, fragrant blooms treasured for their association with Memorial Day.

For me, they’re all that – and a beautiful gift of pain relief growing in my neighborhood.

By the way, we’re in the Liver season during Spring, so Liver imbalances like pain and cramping tend to show up worse than ever right now, along with other symptoms that White Peony eases – night sweats, vertigo, dizziness, and irritability.

Many hormone imbalances will diminish or disappear while eating a Spring Cleanse diet designed to remove common food triggers and emphasize Liver-friendly herbs and greens.

Maybe you’d like to join me for a class that walks you through the Spring Cleanse process, with a cooking demonstration, food samples and detailed instructions. Click here for a link to the Facebook event page. Or contact me at



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  1. I have struggled with horrific cramps for 35 years. They weren’t always horrible, but when I am stressed, which is frequent, they are debilitating. I have just started drinking the tea with White Peony from Mo at Natural Healing and it has produced some AMAZING results!

    I don’t even think this miracle has suck in completely, and I am still thinking it is too good to be true – but it is! Last week was a big week, lots of stress and activity, and of course it was time for my period. But the cramps never came!

    I’ve had a Novasure procedure for cramps, missed countless days of work, school, events, everything, due to cramps. I recall one Christmas at my grandma’s house, I think I was in high school maybe, where I spent the entire holiday upstairs in bed curled up in a ball. I have spent nights on the floor of my bathroom wondering if I should call an ambulance. I thought this was always going to be with me.

    Not too long ago I started having night sweats too, so cramps and night sweats, what a treat! The tea has certainly had an impact on night sweats too but it’s the elimination of the menstrual cramps that is the amazing part.

    Mo, I cannot thank you enough for this! If anyone reading this can relate to my FORMER situation, you need to get in touch with Mo!

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