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Who Says Cleansing Has To Leave You Hungry?

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Lunch on a cleanse is tasty and appealing

Lunch during a Spring Liver Cleanse can be as easy and filling as this quick blend of asparagus, onion, portabella mushroom and carrots over long grain and wild rice. There’s no need to starve yourself or drink slimy beverages that make you gag.

We’re all short on time to take care of ourselves, and the first place we seem to skimp is in the kitchen. We rush through cooking, or substitute processed and fast food for real, fresh ingredients. Healthy cooking is worth a few extra minutes, especially when the result is a happier, lighter you.

This quick, healthy cleanse meal took barely 30 minutes to prepare, start to finish. I served it for dinner with oven-broiled red snapper, then brought the leftover to work for a yummy light lunch. [Yep, that’s two meals in 30 minutes!] And it didn’t leave me with that familiar afternoon sleepy feeling like a heavier lunch can.

Come back later this week for more colorful and tempting photos of my cleanse dishes. Something tells me it’s time for BEETS! Stay tuned…



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