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Why a HOT, DRY Body Makes You Vulnerable to Colds and Flu

Why a HOT, DRY Body Makes You Vulnerable to Colds and Flu

Ready? Today I’m going to address a question. So you don’t have a Damp problem, so why does a hot, dry body also make you vulnerable to colds and flu?

Vulnerable to Colds and Flu
Why a HOT, DRY Body Makes You Vulnerable to Colds and Flu

Last week we talked about those that have a damp constitution and how they can be vulnerable to colds and flu. But, Maybe YOUR constitution runs a little HOT or DRY…. or Both. Or maybe you have an imbalance that has created HOT and DRY conditions in your body?

How do you know if you’re a HOT, DRY person?

(BTW, most of us are a combination of qualities, not strictly one or the other.)

You might identify more with HOT and DRY than COLD and DAMP or maybe you’re a combination of both, but your conditions are mild. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, let’s get together face-to-face or on Facetime. Contact me about it.

Today I am going to share with you how to identify if you have the characteristics of HOT or DRY to help you be less vulnerable to colds and flu.

[Remember, you don’t have to have ALL of these qualities – just a majority – to be HOT]


Characteristics of a hot, dry constitution:

Warm all the time, maybe sweaty, warmest one in the room

Tend to have red complexion, red hair, flushed, redness in the eyes, skin, more than just one place

Your tongue is red, has cracks and may even be peeled (dentists call this geographic)

You get canker sores and cold sores a lot

Fast heart rate, palpitations, anxiety

Prefer cool or cold food/drink – ice cream, cold coffee, iced tea, smoothies (this is not always a sign of HEAT and can be a different imbalance but if this is a problem combined with some of the other HOT qualities, then it’s probably HEAT.)

Tend to have reflux, GERD, hot, burpy type of indigestion


Spicy foods bother you, even if you love them!

People who are hot sometimes also hate Summer  and avoid hot weather

If you have more than 5 of these signs, you’re probably HOT and if the HEAT is there long enough, you can begin to develop signs of DRYNESS:

  • Thirst, you can’t drink enough.
  • You have dry skin, eyes, mucous membranes, nasal passages.
  • Instead of too much mucus you DON’T HAVE ENOUGH mucus, or it’s solid and compacted and not running out your nose.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, moisture is referred to as YIN.

When YIN depletes because of the influence of too much HEAT, you end up vulnerable to colds and flu becuase you are dry in lots of places. Places that you wouldn’t think of such as:

  • LUNGS – A dry cough, pressure in the sinuses, chronic sinus infections, lack of mucus drainage:  smokers and people in low humidity homes can be especially vulnerable to this.
  • COLON – You have dry, hard stools that may cause bleeding or hemorrhoids from straining.
  • VAGINAL area – a lack of fluids makes intimacy painful,
  • BLADDER – you have very concentrated urine.

Today’s question: Why do DRYNESS and HEAT make us vulnerable to colds and flu?

Back to herbal basics with tough cases

Here’s why:

When pathogens like the cold and flu virus enter your body, they do it thru the NOSE, EYES, MOUTH mostly.

Remember from the last post ‘the job of the mucous membranes in these places is to hold onto those nasty bugs while they get flushed OUT! Like a water slide!

Down the Tracheal Toilet it goes to be discharged through your waste removal system – poop, pee, and sweat.

When you’re dry and lack mucus, you’ve got nothing but raw, dry tissue that doesn’t encourage movement and fluidity. Your mucus defense system is down. So you’re vulnerable to attack. When your DRY, unprotected membranes have to deal with a virus, your body has to use other defense mechanisms to disable or weaken it before it weakens YOU.

So, as you can see you’re already at a disadvantage being HOT and DRY.

This leaves the question, what can we do for it? Stay tuned for the next post where I will share with you lifestyle and diet changes to implement to help increase moisture, and that will make you less vulnerable to colds on flu.


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